Wednesday, 5 September 2012

When It All Goes Wrong

No photographs from me on Monday after breakfast.  My youngest came home from school early, all ill and sickly and requiring nursing care.  Something I'm hopeless at, as she kindly informed her teachers.  Anyway, dashing up and down stairs to deal with the coughing and spluttering and making endless drinks and finding various remedies and placebos and dealing with incalcitrant DVD players meant that taking photographs of the food I grabbed on the run was the last thing on my mind and so, after only about three days or so of the Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner project, I failed.

But then it occurred to me that I had promised I wasn't looking for perfection, and instead of using one missed day as an excuse for giving up, I should get back into it as soon as possible and not stress.  This is not my usual attitude.  Usually, if I can't do it perfectly I'd rather not do it at all - it doesn't feel "tidy" with a day missed out.  Not this time.  This time we persevere.

Of course, the next day I came down with whatever the bug was that Kid At The Bottom of the Heap had brought home and the food I managed to eat was rather insipid looking - pale bread, bland soup, egg.  So we had a yellow day and I photographed it anyway.  I'm now looking forward to improved health and a zingier looking set of meals in my future!

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